About Us

Dama Talya designersOur Mission

Dama Talya designs clothing that is trendy, tailored, and classic. In the world of women’s clothing, the term “plus size” often signifies clothing that is dowdy, frumpy, and shapeless. We want to give plus size clothing a whole new meaning, resulting in clothing that makes a woman feel fashionable, confident, beautiful, and refined. Dama Talya believes that a curvy body is something to design for. Our mission is to offer curvy women “options” when selecting their fashion. Dama Talya offers perfectly fitted suiting, dresses for every occasion, and a range of tops/blouses for every body type.

Our Designers

Dama Talya has a very secure, passionate, and professional team, with expertise in fashion design, draping, patternmaking, and sewing. The combined talents of our team allow us to provide a product that is well designed and properly executed. Being born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, has given us a unique perspective of Southern living and what it means to appreciate the value of passion, perseverance, and hard work. We are so proud to call New Orleans our home!!

Our Commitment

All Dama Talya garments are manufactured in the USA. By manufacturing in the USA versus overseas we contribute to rebuilding the apparel manufacturing industry in the USA and sequentially keeping the dollars flowing through our own economy.